Fighting against the digital divide through education

We are working on the organization of the UOC UNESCO Chair Fith International Seminar, that will take place on Barcelona from November 12th to 14th. Altough we already have some names to be confirmed and we can’t make public the entire program, this weblog is a good place to announce that we will have some a good representation of several universities and institutions talking about the fight against the digital divide through education.

For example, we will listen to professor Tim Unwin about how ICT4D can help the fight. We will also count with Teemu Leinonen in representation of Wikiversity, a project that will allow us to open a very healthy debate about sharing academic knowledge.

On the same way, Bobbi Kurshan will present Curriki, an international network that offers free access to educational contents for pre-school and primary school levels.

On the other hand, Professor Sugata Mitra, from Newcastle University, will present his case “Hole in the wall”, where the concept Minimally Invasive Education comes from. There are some other topics to discuss during the Seminar that we will announce as soon as we have more confirmed speakers. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the seminar info on its web site.

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